1st edition

World Tijjaaniyya Symposium

Topic : « Sufi Islam facing contemporary challenges »​


Sufi Islam is recognized around the world as a powerful bulwark against violent extremisms and radicalisms that are shaking several regions of the world, against intolerance and attacks on the dignity of others.

Sufi Islam promotes living together, political cohesion, social and economic peace, levers of any sustainable development. It is therefore imperative to deepen and broaden to a wider audience, this important heritage that constitutes Sufi Islam. This is the major objective of the International Colloquium on “Sufi Islam Facing contemporary challenges.

In fact, never has the world seemed so close to the final explosion announced in the Holy Scriptures. Never has humanity seemed so far from Knowledge even though, science is making enormous progress in several fields.
The multiplication of sources of tension on all the continents must lead us to question ourselves, in depth, about the future of human being. It seems, in fact, that the multiple and varied visions systems and ways of thinking that cross the world at the speed of light, due to technological progress in the dissemination and sharing of information, no longer manage to give meaning to the life of our species.

Far from a universal harmony, fraternal and respectful of differences, we are witnessing increasingly marked identity folds. Racist, even supremacist discourse are no longer underground and appear in broad daylight. Racial abuses have become daily and murderous often go unpunished.
The use of media and social networks for manipulative, fabricating, deceitful purposes of influence peddling or even blackmail has become commonplace all over the world and leads to dangerous ruptures for economic, political social and family balances.
Radicalism and extremism on all sides lead to situations of war and terror, casting fear on the common duty to mix and live together on our planet.
Everything suggests that the so-called “democratic and ultra-liberal” model is out of breath, that ethical and moral values ​​are being lost and that human relations are dominated by fear and mistrust, the lure of profit, etc. Differences are, however, the hallmark of all living species! They make the living a kaleidoscope of possibilities called to intersect to multiply and fertilize. Without the crossing of differences, the multiplication of species would be impossible.

In these times of growing peril, therefore, the time seems to have come, for people of Faith and Reason, to question themselves in depth and call on the most lively spiritual energies as viaticum to question the present and clear paths for the future.

In this respect and, despite a campaign of systematic disinformation on Islam, its values ​​and its project for humanity, the Islamic Way, and in particular its Sufi current, conceal peaceful solutions to reconcile human being with himself, with his neighbor, with nature, as well as all the species of Creation.

It is fortunate that the idea of ​​an international symposium on: ISLAM SOUFI FACING CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES: WHAT CONTRIBUTIONS OF TIJJAANIYA TO THE HERITAGE OF HUMANITY? », has grown up in Africa, the first Continent, the cradle of Humanity, and in its western part from which resonate  for centuries saving litanies.


This is the very first time in the world that a conference of this size, associating all Sufi denominations at the invitation of the Tariqa Tijaniya, has been organized.

Senegal in the spot light

It is a great honor for Senegal to organize the Tijaaniyya International Conference given its determining role in the expansion of the Tariqa in Africa.

The cream of Sufi Islam!

At the invitation of the Tarîqa Tijjaaniya, great scholars from all countries with a strong Tijani and Sufi influence will debate around crucial themes with the aim of finding solutions to the crises of today’s world.


The Colloquium aims to address contemporary challenges by drawing inspiration from the extremely rich and multidimensional intellectual and spiritual production of saints, scholars, leaders, thinkers of planetary dimension from Sufi Islam in general and the Tariqa Tijjaaniyya in particular. The international symposium will bring together decision-makers, academics specialised in these issues, scholars, religious leaders, intellectuals from civil society, public or private institutions in charge of social, political, economic, environmental issues, in an inclusive scientific approach. The meeting will:

  • Draw inspiration from the journey of saints of Sufi obedience to propose solutions to the crisis of values ​​and for the promotion of the universal values ​​of living together
  • Establish an inclusive momentum of regular reflection on the contribution of Sufi intellectual elite in general and Tijaaniyya in particular, on the challenges of humanity.
  • Draw inspiration from Sufi Islam and the Tijjaaniyya as a vehicle for peace, conflict resolution, regional integration and the fight against extremism and radicalism.
  • Revisit the legacy of Sufi Islam, Mawlâna Sheikh Ahmed At-Tijâni, RTA and the Tariqa saints by questioning their writings and their journey to propose concrete answers to contemporary challenges in an inclusive scientific approach.
  • Promote saints as references and models for young people who are losing their bearings and populations in general.
  • Promote the development of exchanges (culture, trade, religious tourism) by drawing inspiration from the saints and revisiting the heritage they bequeathed to us.


In collaboration with local bookstores and publishers, a book fair on spirituality and Sufi Islam will present the writings, manuscripts and publications that we owe to the authors of Sufi Islam. In connection with the exhibition, this fair will be an opportunity to discover the odes and panegyrics of contemporary authors, some of whom will be able to sign their works.


As part of the International Colloquium and in connection with PANEL 2, an exhibition will present sufi saints, holy men of science and culture, poets, writers, patriarchs. They are the holders of a vast intellectual and scientific heritage. However, their life and works remain little known despite their leadership and their undeniable impact in the social, religious, political and economic life of our societies. We propose to revisit the holy men journey, through this exhibition, which will bring together and present, among others, their manuscripts, iconographies, personal objects.

Tijjaniyya International Symposium

Topic : « Sufi Islam facing contemporary challenges »​


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